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2020 Victorian Home Restoration Bucket List

Even since I helped renovate my parents’ home, I had been itching to get my hands on an older home. I love the character, the bones and the stories—which is why we chose Hillsboro and this house.

For years, when we’ve seen something we love, we say “We should do that sometime!” So, we made a list of all of the renovation and restoration things we want to do to this house.

Painting Fabric 101

I love to upholster and bring new life to pieces in that way but sometimes as a busy mom, I just don’t have 20-30 hrs available to upholster a chair AND usually when I’m done with the upholster I feel like I need to place the chair in a room where my kids will never get it so that it doesn’t get dirty. UNREALISTIC.

So painting fabric is my other option and I will tell you I was skeptical at first! It ends up looking great, durable and its QUICK

Oh La La Vanity

This vanity was a custom piece from a bomba** coffee shop owner in town and I was so excited when she said I just want it white, you do whatever else you want to it!


Victorian Home Lovers Unite!

The whole intention of our family moving to the "country" was to allow our daughters to have more of a small town life. Well, when we started the process of this life change I told my husband I would not move unless we find a house from the EARLY 1900's.


Welcome to Makley Rehab

Makley Rehab + Company is a furniture renovating, home décor, upholstery and Victorian house flipping company with a splash of little girl’s clothes. My name is Karyssa, I am the owner and only staff member of Makley :). Makley was born in 2018 (technically 2014), in honor of my 2 kiddos.