About Us

Makley Rehab + Company is a DIY, furniture renovating, home décor store with a little girls boutique sprinkled in!
My name is Karyssa, I am the owner and only staff member of Makley . Makley was born in 2018 (technically 2014), in honor of my 2 kiddos.
So here's my why for Makley. I did what is the "socially acceptable/expected" thing, I went to college, got my master degree and went on to get the corporate world job. I kept telling myself that I will be happy once I have a high paying job and my goal was to do that before my 30th birthday. Well at 28 I hit that goal and started to slowly see that the money didn't make me happy and after the struggle of getting pregnant and IVF we had our first kiddo and I realized that I was missing a lot of her childhood punching that 8-5 job. Then miraculously we became regnant (without IVF WOO HOO!) to baby girl number 2 and it really hit me that this was not the life I wanted for them to see. I want to show my kids that although money in nice it wont keep you happy for long UNLESS you are doing what you love so with that I started going part-time at my corporate job, we pulled our kids out of daycare to stay with me fulltime, I started purchasing furniture to renovate, we sold our house in the city and found a gorgeous 1898 Queen Anne Victorian in the country and I realized what my passion is and needed to be!
Come see us in Hillsboro, texas. Every month I host DIY paint classes utilizing Country Chic Paint!
So with that, Makley was born! Check out our blogs for an inside look into renovating our Victorian home (all the carpet, wallpaper and dirt included!). I am going to show you how you can add character to any furniture piece and some fun DIYs you can do with friends, family and little ones! Oh and I upholstery but I'm not sure how fun that will be to read about- its a job for sure!