Welcome to Makley Rehab & Company

Makley Rehab + Company is a furniture renovating, home décor, upholstery and Victorian house flipping company with a splash of little girl’s clothes. My name is Karyssa, I am the owner and only staff member of Makley :). Makley was born in 2018 (technically 2014), in honor of my 2 kiddos.

So here's my why for Makley. I did what is the "socially acceptable/expected" thing, I went to college, got my master degree and went on to get the corporate world job. I kept telling myself that I will be happy once I have a high paying job and my goal was to do that before my 30th birthday. Well at 28 I hit that goal and started to slowly see that the money didn't make me happy and after the struggle of getting pregnant and IVF we had our first kiddo and I realized that I was missing a lot of her childhood punching that 8-5 job. Then miraculously we became pregnant (without IVF WOO HOO!) to baby girl number 2 and it really hit me that this was not the life I wanted for them to see. I want to show my kids that although money is nice it wont keep you happy for long UNLESS you are doing what you love so with that I started going part-time at my corporate job, we pulled our kids out of daycare to stay with me full-time, I started purchasing furniture to renovate, we sold our house in the city and found a gorgeous 1898 Queen Anne Victorian in the country and I realized what my passion is and needed to be!

So with that, Makley was born! Throughout this my website and blog pages, I am going to give you all a detail look into renovating a Victorian home (all the carpet, wallpaper and dirt included!) I am going to show you how you can add character to any furniture piece and some fun DIYs you can do! Oh and I upholstery but I'm not sure how fun that will be to read about- its a job for sure! Oh and I sell/use an amazing clay based paint--- country chic!

My dream got bigger Y’all! We just recently opened up a store in downtown Hillsboro for me to showcase all of my hardwork! Come check us out at 75 N Waco Street, Hillsboro, TX.

1/3 of the store is devoted to retail.

Painted furniture

Vintage finds

And some fun new items also. 


1/3 is for furniture paint and DIY classes. YES, you can take a class or book for private event!

Country Chic Paint and Wax 


1/3 is for little girls clothing and more furniture!



And everything girl