Oh La La Vanity!

Vanity Makeover Step-by-Step Process:

Here is the full process and products I used to achieve this makeover! This vanity was a custom piece from a bomba** coffee shop owner in town and I was so excited when she said I just want it white, you do whatever else you want to it!

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  • Removed hardware, mirror and compartments inside
  • Light sand to pull off chipping paint
  • Cleaned entire piece with Simple Green
  • Let air dry


  • Painted three coats of Country Chic Crinoline Clay All-in-One Paint
  • Let dry completely after each coat (24 hrs)
  • The 3rd coat I added a little water by taking a spray bottle and gave the vanity a little sprit of water and on my brush as well (Watering it down helps the paint glide on easier and cover any brush strokes from the previous coats.


  • Distressed with 220 grit sanding block. I like to get a shoulder workout in! 
  • I sanded the edges, the drawers, and under the handles until I revealed some of the wood underneath. Especially on the legs to pull out the detail of the curve.
  • Removed dust from distressing using Simple Green.


  • I really wanted the inside to have a pop to it so with that I order these floral napkins off amazon and decided to decoupage the inside of the drawers  and vanity!
  • To decoupage you will need to pull off 2 of the the plys of the napkin, leaving only the decorated ply. Usually napkins are 2 or 3 ply.
  • Grab some mod podge and lightly cover the surface in which you will place your napkin on.
  • Lightly place your napkin onto the surface, grab some plastic wrap and start pressing down- working out all the air bubbles and lines.
  • Let dry 48 hrs
  • Cover with a clear poly or top coat.


If you have any tips, tricks, or questions on the process I used for this vanity makeover, drop a comment below!


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