Victorian Home Lovers Unite!

Ok, are you ready?

So this post is in response to you all asking to see the house we are renovating! So here is a little back store and some pictures to get you started and OF COURSE as i am renovating the home I will walk you through what we do, why, products and all the goodies!

The whole intention of our family moving to the "country" was to allow our daughters to have more of a small town life. Well, when we started the process of this life change I told my husband I would not move unless we find a house from the EARLY 1900's. That is really how we ended up in Hillsboro, Texas. Our house was built in 1898- it is a Queen Anne Victorian with a 3 level turret! It is gorgeous and after we are done renovating I know it will be amazing!

Our home was built in 1898 by Mr and Mrs Edward Davis. Mr Edward Davis was a banker and engineer. 

So let me show you our home over the years!

This was our home in 1965, this was when the owners Mr. and Mrs. West filed for a National Historical Marker for the home. The house received it's marker and was noted for its fine ornamentation, tiles, floors and windows! 

This was our home in the 1990's, due to unforeseen circumstances it was neglected for a few decades.

So from what we have heard, due to the house having a National Historical marker, the national historical society got involved when it was reported to them what the home looked like and that sparked renovations to occur in order to bring the home back to its intended state!

This is a photo of renovations being done in early 2000's

After some extensive renovations on the porch and roof, it is now back to its historical standing! Other than painting there is not much that needs to be done on the outside! We are currently updating and renovating the inside!

Ok, now head on over to "A peak inside our vivacious Victorian!" to see inside photos of before we started any renovations (of course we are still renovating).


Thanks for checking in!


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