2020 Home Restoration Bucket List

Even since I helped renovate my parents’ home, I had been itching to get my hands on an older home. I love the character, the bones and the stories—which is why we chose Hillsboro and this house.

For years, when we’ve seen something we love, we say “We should do that sometime!” So, we made a list of all of the renovation and restoration things we want to do to this house.

Some of this is easily accomplishable and some NOT so MUCH. It’s just a start – it’ll be fun to add to this list, and see where we succeed, and where we fail miserably. But, that’s part of the fun, right?

After reading our list, tell us what’s on your list. And what you think is fun (or insane) about ours!

Our Home Renovation & Restoration

Bucket List

(in no particular order- things crossed out have been accomplished)

  1. Install a Tin Ceiling (husbands office)
  2. Install a Gold Ceiling (entry way)
  3. Put chandeliers in majority of the rooms (almost done! 4 rooms left
  4. Use crazy wallpaper to create accent walls (downstairs bathroom)
  5. Paint our metal kitchen cabinets
  6. Wallpaper a ceiling (note : if I didn’t live in a Queen Anne Victorian, I’d probably never do this!) (DONE! Hallway)
  7. Refinish Hardwood Floors (one room left)
  8. Renovate our master bathroom (currently PINK)
  9. Be paid by someone to design a room
  10. Design a really intricate mosaic tile pattern for the girl’s fireplaces
  11. Upholster something difficult (dining room chairs and ottomans don’t count). If it doesn’t bring me to tears of frustration, it’s too easy and doesn’t count.
  12. Restore 50% of the windows in our house
  13. Have a space featured in a magazine
  14. Have a space featured in a newspaper
  15. Blog monthly on the transformation
  16. Rebuilt the uncovered 8th fireplace
  17. Own a house with a turret
  18. Own a backyard that’s gorgeous, has plants that are living, and isn’t just a place to spray paint things or strip paint.
  19. Build and install a pocket door
  20. Build an outdoor fireplace
  21. Unearth a scrap of wallpaper big enough to have someone recreate it
  22. Grow something in the yard to make food. We kill EVERYTHING we plant. This might be impossible.
  23. Fence in our whole property and create a space for our kids to play
  24. Finish whitewashing the entry hallways (upstairs and downstairs)

 **see ideas and inspiration below!